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October, 2011:

The Real Reason we build Back Links to our Tiered Pages

One of the things I love about Simple Leveraging is that the “knowledge share” truly goes in more than one direction. This has been evidenced particularly in two incidences that spring to mind for me.

Firstly the experience working with Myra Love on our forthcoming project provisionally entitled “Multi Disciplinary Marketing” where we took the $240K in four days Campaign and analysed it’s various component parts and broke it down into stages and examined in detail.

Secondly, it was after talking to another SL member, Dave “Quinn” Thomas over cool ways to promote Wikis etc and this opened my eyes to a technique that I was aware of but hadn’t really thought about too much in detail.

I have now though, but perhaps it might be an idea to get back to basics first.

Why do we pursue this whole concept of Tiered / Layered Multi-level Linking? Firstly it’s something that we have been advocating and doing at Simple Leveraging by and large well before most others but more importantly why?

It’s a question I get asked all the time, why do you advise the constant building of links to support links to support…….etc  etc?

The answer is very simple. It is because of the transient nature of certain forms of Link Support that we use in our Campaigns. Now that is not to say that short term support is a bad thing, it’s more a case of understanding fully what is going on.

For example, one of the first things we want to do with a site is build in Authority links as soon as is possible. Now in most cases this means getting links on High Page Rank Social Media sites and / or Press Releases.

Now in a lot of cases the Home Page PR of a lot of these sites is fairly high ((5+) and the knock on effect is a fairly vigorous (if we’ve planned and executed it properly) short term “hit” on our sites that results in a rise up the “SERPS”.

Now as they all say, “What goes up always has to come down” and that is the case with the effect received from those short term links but there are steps that we should do almost immediately to mitigate any potential downfall.

I explain it with diagrams and a PowerPoint in this short video here:  but the upshot is that sooner or later pages gaining the benefit of links from these High Page Rank Home Pages drop the moment that the links themselves disappear and the inbound links form these sites tend to come from less powerful inner pages.

Hopefully by then, all good promoters / Link Builders will have already had in place additional Link placements to add support to these pages. In the case of declining Press Releases, usually a fairly vigorous Link Building Campaign (from SLS etc) is good enough to not only arrest the decline but in most cases reverse it.

I’ve also uploaded to the Members Only Downloads area of the Forum another more in depth video that goes into detail a very useful little technique that drives excellent authority links from a PR8 Site to all of our Press Releases no matter how many we have, within seconds. You can also use this to replicate this technique with at least one other Authority site also. The video can be found here:,187.0.html


New Training Video and Press Release and SLS Case Study posted

Just wanted to update members on yet another Training Video / Case Study we’ve just posted live in the Simple Leveraging YouTube Channel.The video covers the subject of Press Releases and SLS and covers the Halloween Niche. We show a live case study of a Blog / domain that had some Press Releases released on October 1st and two weeks later both the Press Releases and site Urls have gone from nowhere to not only Page 1 in Google but are oscillating between positions No 1 and No 4!.

The video can be found here:

Secondly, we have some rather neat lists of some EDU Blog Urls for commenting – in fact in total we have over 5,800 EDU Urls that are available for commenting and are all above PR2.

Because of the size of the total list we have broken them up into chunks and they can be purchased in the following packets:

180 PR 5 &6 Urls spread over 48 Domains – $60

926 PR 4 Urls spread over 148 Domains – $60

2647 PR 3 Urls spread over 265 Domains – $60

2141 PR 2 EDU Urls spread over 278 Domains – $50

If any of you are interested in these then the Buy It Now Buttons can be found here:

If there is anyone out there who would be interested in the entire package of these Urls then the entire package can be bought $180. Get in touch via the form above  and I’ll send out the Urls directly.

Delivery is immediately after purchase via

New Video live about Tagging and Best Practices etc

Just wanted to update members on a new training video we’ve just posted live in the Simple Leveraging YouTube Channel.

The video covers the subject of Tagging and how correct tagging can double or even triple your effectiveness for bookmarking. We show a live case study of a Blog / domain that was bought less than a week ago on 6th October and how through just usage of SLS has been taken to cover the top 3 slots in Google for its chosen niche with narrow match search out of 2,800 competition and for Broad match it is No 38 out 6.2 million competing pages.

All in under a week but the real story lies here. This Blog was bought, created, crawled, indexed and ranked in under 12 hours from start to finish and all through just promotion via SLS. In fact the video recorded shows that for the narrow match search that the various SLS Bookmarking Directories are also indexed and ranked as well.

The reason for the power of the network is explained in the video and the video can be found here:

Secondly, there are still some of the High Page Rank Blog Link Packets still available from below for those who might have missed it yesterday. The details are as follows:

A supplier of ours has come to us with a fairly neat list of 2,500 High PR Blog Urls that we can offer to our members for $30. Amongst these Urls is at least one PR6 (there are about 5-6 PR6 Urls) EDU and all the Urls are PR2 or above. The majority are manual approve but then if you want a link on a Blog that is not going to end up rat infested then manual approve Blogs are the way forward.

The link for these Blog Urls is here:

Delivery is immediate via


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